Our Sheep


Here at Wholesome Ridge Farm we also raise Katahdin sheep.  Katahdin are a breed of hair sheep.  This means they don’t have any wool and can’t be sheared.  In the spring the sheep naturally start shedding their long winter hair and they look pretty funny like they have really bad hair styles.

The Katahdin breed was developed right here in the United States.  Well not right here, but in Maine.  They are named after Mount Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine.

When people envision sheep, they usually think of a fluffy white sheep, but Katahdin’s hair can come in any color.  Wool breeds of sheep have been selectively bred for white wool, but since that’s not an issue for Katahdins, any color is welcome.  Lambing time is always fun to see what color combinations the lambs will have.  Many of the white lambs will have brown or black spots.

Our sheep are grass fed.  This means they are out in pastures most of the year and eat hay when the weather is too bad to be in the pasture.  We don’t feed any grain to our sheep.

One of our Ewe eating yummy cover crop